Why do I need a website anyway?

Having a web presence isn't an "optional extra" anymore. Whatever type of work you do, a website is a fundamental way to communicate with your audience.
A polished, professional website adds legitimacy in the eyes of your audience, and it's one of the most effective ways to convey key information. Think of it as a brochure, business card, product sample, and networking tool all in one tidy package.

Why do I need a customized website? Why not one of the freebie options out there?

There are two big reasons to have your own unique site instead of a "cookie-cutter" design.
First, a site designed specifically for you will do the best job of conveying your mission and brand. You'd take the time to dress appropriately for a job interview, right? Likewise, your website should present the unique, professional image you want to convey.
Second, your time is valuable. We'll deliver a professional, finished site with no hassles, no fuss, and no time-consuming trial and error.

Will I be able to maintain my website? We have limited staff and resources...

We can create a straightforward, professional web page that requires zero maintenance on your part. Or we can set up interactive blogs, photo galleries, and forums that you can continuously update as needed. Depending on your unique needs and capabilities, we'll help you decide on the right setup.
After the initial launch of your website, you will have complete control over it. For many of our clients, we've handled the initial design and setup of the site and then trained them on the basic techniques for updating and maintaining it.
We are always happy to arrange ongoing support if needed. But we realize that for many clients, such as those with limited budgets or constantly changing content, it may not be practical to rely on outside assistance.

What is WordPress? Is it right for me?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for building and maintaining websites.  In recent years it has grown from a simple blogging platform into a powerful tool for creating dynamic, feature-rich websites.
A key feature of WordPress websites is that they can be created and updated using an online interface, without the need for any specialized software on your own computer. This makes WordPress a great option for clients interested in handling their own website maintenance.
We have a great deal of experience with the WordPress platform, and we can provide training on the basic techniques of maintaining a WordPress website.

We already have a website. Can you help us make some changes?

Definitely. Sometimes information needs to be updated, or maybe you want to improve your site's layout or performance. We can work with your existing content as needed.

How much does it cost?

Overall project costs vary, since all of our work is customized to a client's needs. We can provide a set rate for projects with concrete deliverables, or we can arrange an hourly rate for ongoing projects like social media campaigns.
The bottom line: we pride ourselves on delivering maximum "bang for your buck." We'll work with you to identify your biggest priorities, and focus on the most effective ways to communicate your message. And it's important to remember that a solid communications strategy pays for itself by increasing an organization's impact.

What's "Search Engine Optimization"? Can we increase traffic to our website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to building a high-visibility website that users can easily find with search engines like Google. Optimizing a website's visibility includes behind-the-scenes coding techniques, as well as the structure and layout of the site.

We incorporate SEO features into all the websites we build. We can also help improve the "searchability" of existing sites to increase traffic, and to help you reach a broader audience.

Do we really need to engage in social media? What about email newsletters?

Social media is like a race car: powerful, but you better know how to use it before you get behind the wheel. And you don't need to jump on the bandwagon simply because "everyone else is doing it."
We believe in quality over quantity. If you decide social media is an effective tool to deliver your message, there's no need to spend endless hours updating posts on every platform in the world. And other options such as email campaigns can be powerful additions to your marketing efforts.
The bottom line? We'll help you find practical, efficient ways to deliver your message.

We're a service organization, not a "brand" that sells things. Does marketing really apply to us?

Absolutely. Simply put, your "brand" is your identity through the eyes of the outside world, and it doesn't matter whether you're an individual or a huge organization.
Maybe you want to let the public know about the services you offer. Perhaps you want to showcase your success stories to recruit volunteers or help attract funding. Or maybe you just need to display your contact information. Any way you slice it, good communication is key.

How can you write about our organization or projects if you don't know what we do?

We can't - that's why we take the time to learn, and distill that information into clear language. We'll ensure you're providing all the essential information to your audience by helping you hear the message from their perspective, and clarifying the key points you need to get across.

How do we organize the information on our website? What should we include?

"Information Architecture" is a crucial element of great websites. We can help you determine what information is most important to provide, and we'll help you organize the content so visitors can easily find the information they're looking for.