One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to creating a website, designing marketing materials, or developing a social media presence.

   You need a website – but the whole process seems overwhelming…
   You have to create a brochure – but you don’t even have a logo yet…
   You want to reach your audience online – but jargon like “external-facing media” makes your head spin…

No problem – we’ll help you identify and develop the most effective tools to deliver your message. And we’ll handle all the details and logistics from start to finish.

Building a Website

– Securing a domain name and hosting package suited to your needs
– Designing the layout and “look” of your site
– Creating content and writing text copy
– Maximizing online visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Creating responsive/adaptive websites for tablets and mobile devices
– Installing traffic analytics applications to ensure you’re reaching your intended audience
– Integrating online advertising campaigns
– Creating e-commerce capabilities to enable online payments and product orders

Creating a Social Media Presence

– Developing practical strategies to implement social media in your organization
– Creating profiles on leading social media platforms to maximize your online presence
– Using social media to complement your traditional communication channels

Developing Marketing Materials & Brand Identity

– Designing a logo for your project, organization, or business
– Creating brochures, business cards, and promotional items
– Coordinating the style and focus of various materials into a cohesive look or “brand”
– Formatting and editing publications like guidebooks or annual reports
– Converting publications to e-book format for Kindle, Nook, or iPad

Reaching Your Audience With Targeted Email Campaigns

– Creating a custom e-mail list to communicate with customers, clients, or constituents
– Promoting news and events to specific groups
– Developing message content and style that resonates with your audience

Writing & Developing Content

– Creating compelling descriptions of products and services
– Writing descriptive content for online and print publication
– Developing information graphics (aka “infographics”) to convey key concepts
– Synthesizing complex concepts and technical information into clear, concise language

Float works with a wide range of clients including entrepreneurs, artists, nonprofits, and small businesses. Check out the Past Projects page to view some samples of our work.